Sustainable Design and Going green is an important issue today.  Hardwood flooring is a very smart choice for your project and our environment. Wood flooring is the only flooring option that is 100% sustainable because it has the least amount of impact on our environment. Wood is a carbon neutral which means it does not emit carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned.


Hardwood floors are one of the most energy-efficient products when it comes to manufacturing.  With today’s technology and processes, there is literally no waste of any part of the tree.


The mulch for hardwood flooring comes from tree bark and it uses sawdust for
animal bedding. Because fuel operates the kilns in the drying process while making wood flooring, the production uses less water and fossil fuels as opposed to other flooring options. If that isn’t enough, hardwood floors are at the top of the list for the longest service life of any other flooring.


We farm and log all of our flooring responsibly and comply with the Lacey Act, because sustainability and being green is important to Everleigh Wood Interiors. We support sustainable forest management practices including planting trees to replenish what we harvest. Typically for every tree harvested, we plant 1.66 trees in its place. If living green is important to you, consider purchasing your flooring from us.